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Did you know there is a new way to build your new Home?
Discover the thrill of building with entirely new materials!

When you buy a Haussmann Home, you buy M3 Building Systems in/as parts together with an assembly contract.
All parts are fully warranted for application and finishes.
These parts are precision manufactured and engineered for application.

All M3 building systems parts meet with sustainability and Environmental social governance,
ESG compliance legislation.

Discover the thrill of building with entirely new materials!

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New Homes by M3 Building Systems

Our new M3 Building Systems and Materials are not a Variation of existing Materials.

Our M3 Building System is an emergence of well-structured new materials based on the M3 Building System, which is patent pending.

Our M3 Building System is best explained by outlining to you our new building materials,
For full terms and conditions documentation, visit the Purchase a Home page on our website when comparing and deciding on the options for a new home. Compared to conventional building method, with our M3 Building System, you’ll confidently say, ‘Out with the old, in with the new!’

Making this decision will give you the following advantages nobody else can offer:
• Saving 50% plus new home establishment costs, average savings between $ 400 000.00 and $ 500 000.00 per home.
• Substantial home running costs – no electricity bills, no insurance bills, no vermin proving bills!

As per your request, your nominated National Sales Consultant will issue an Order/Quote
as per your requested M3 Building Systems living space/home order.
You will be quoted the amount of $ 1400.00 per square metre for a fully fitted Haussmann Home, ready to move in.
2-storey Haussmann Homes are quoted/ sold at $ 1600.00 per square meter.

Summary quoted m² price slide variations apply, depending on the transport cost of containers to the location, fully fitted out.
This also includes a 3 person Lift and external fire stairs.
All Homes include Appliances, Fixtures and Fittings, and a Building Structure finished as per your design and colour coating finishes.

A Building Structure that is vermin-proof, fireproof, non-combustible Building Structure,
Cyclone-proof and totally of electrify Grid. This will provide each new Haussmann Homeowner
with a nil electricity Bill and a nil Fire and Cyclone Insurance payment advantage.

Purchasing a Haussmann Home, you have the choice of 2 types of Building Footings:
• Single steel footings suitable for any terrain and or 
• A floating box foundation which will enable you to build on land zoned as a flood-affected area.

When ordering your new Home, you will be guided by one of our National Sales Consultants.
Our sales Consultant will do all the hard work for you and manage our seamless home purchase process.

Contracting with us, you need to execute our Home Purchase and Assembly Agreement,
together with a deposit payment of $2 and a Building Application processing fee of $ 7 000.00.

On your behalf, our town planning department will apply for and manage your BA approval with your local Council.
This payment will be fully refunded upon settlement.

Within 3 months, your designated National Sales Consultant will contact you for another meeting via Zoom to confirm and document your email summary order for appliance fixtures and fittings,
including your design instructions regarding living space divisions, external and internal finishes; room-by-room.

This also includes the size and design for your Kitchen and polymer coatings you have chosen from the Bill of Quantities.

You will receive an invoice for your summary order for appliances, fixtures, and fittings from the nominated manufacturer.

You will need to make payment within 10 days of receipt of the Invoice to activate your Order.
This payment will be fully refunded upon settlement.

Every Haussmann Home is contracted to be delivered, packaged in containers, within 12 months, in Parts,
to the new Home Purchaser’s location 2 months before Container delivery to your nominated location and assembled on location.
The assembly is conducted within weeks instead of months.
You will receive an invoice from our transport company, which may include shipping, rail and/or road. Transport costs are used as a summary transport invoice. You need to make this payment within 10 days of receipt of the Invoice.
This payment will be fully refunded upon settlement. A Home assembly fee of $ 50 000.00 is payable on settlement.

Global Industrialisation

Our Collective Achievements

As the population grows, the world is becoming more polluted and we require substantial living space creations.

Industry and science has created the solution for the creation of new materials technologies and industrial processes to enable us to industrialise housing.

Industrialisation benefits in price, quality and quantity for the supply of housing will now provide each new homeowner with a superior product.

Our homes are totally off-grid, fully ESG compliant manufacturing processes, producing, when in production, a housing product at a 50% price reduction, compared to any other home offered of the same size and quality.

Haussmann Limited has taken leadership in the industrialisation of housing. 

Our Technology

What is the industrialisation of housing?

We have created new building materials which we control. Our annual production capacity per plant is 22 million sq metres.

This enables us to offer a 50% price reduction and better quality, precision engineered homes. No other housing provider can offer such production quality and quantity in numbers. Such superior housing products and advantages are unachievable through traditional means.

Creating wealth and providing meaningful, well-paid employment and eliminating slave labour conditions.

Creating social balance is a key mission of our project.

This provides the basis of exceptional pricing discount for our homes. 


What we stand for

Our Mission

Haussmann Limited will globally expand the establishment of M3 Precision Engineered Building Systems plants, meeting the demand for affordable, sustainable housing, for hundreds of millions of people. 

The Industrialisation of housing will not only provide affordable homes but also will provide, with each established plant, 2500 permanent jobs and 25 000 indirect jobs.

In addition, the Haussmann manufacturing system has the ability to process raw materials no one else can process — providing a zero solution to save substantial quantities (80%) of virgin raw materials for the production of housing.

Haussmann believes that every person has the right to own a home. Having a shelter is a basic human right. Without shelter, we do not prosper. 


What Henry Ford did for the industrialisation of mobility, Haussmann will do for Housing.

— Haussmann Manifesto

the next generation of housing

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Global Crisis


Demand massively exceeds all supplies in housing.

an innovative technological


A completely new, emerging, cutting-edge industry.

Every home build saves the world from further carbon emissions when built on location using our Carbon Negative Dry Build technology
haussmann modern housing
Disaster Proof Structures

For residential and emergency housing

fireproof houses

Fire Proof

Cutting edge non-combustible materials

Cyclone Resistant

High wind resistant proprietary technology

solar energy housing off grid solar hydrogen

Off-Grid Energy

Hydrogen & Solar Powered with Waste Treatment
termite resistant pest free housing

Vermin Proof

Nothing can eat it or infest it



Key Collaborators

Our key development suppliers, partners, R&D and commercialisation teams have been carefully brought together into a team that can bring big results for sustainable housing.

Haussmann handpicked key consulting firms – a team of superstars – are actively saving the world by leading the way to a better future for our Planet Earth.


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Unique M3 Building Systems

Assembly – M3 Building Systems

Emergency Housing

M3 Building Systems

M3 Building Systems
Assembly & Bill of Quantities

HML Organisation Chart

Bromelton (SDA) Plant

Facilitated by Haussmann Key Consulting Teams, Project Management and Coordinated Engineering Group, the European Plant Engineering Group and our infrastructure establishment specialists. Our team will plan, build, test and commission Haussmann’s first 100 acre M3 building systems infrastructure.

Our cutting edge and precision engineered products are eco-friendly and fully re-processable housing systems and are fully sustainable, providing mass production of housing at a reduced cost of 50% – in comparison to same size and quality dwellings offered by all other market competitors.

Over a decade of Research & Development and 44 million dollars later has ultimately culminated into the commercialisation of proprietary technologies via a large-scale industrial – housing systems – manufacturing plant.

Our residential housing manufacturing plants will produce more than 1.2 million affordable dwellings over the next 10 years, while at the same time annually repurposing 1.5 million tonnes of mixed solid waste that would otherwise go to landfills.

Proprietary Technology

We create a price advantage through a combination of the following proprietary techniques

  • Low cost raw materials made from a range of intermingled (mixed solid waste) and virgin materials.

  • On-site “Dry Build” home construction precision engineering techniques.
    90% CO emissions eliminated during home assembly process. 

  • 2 types of home foundations available.
    • 1. Steel foundation; Single Footings
    • 2. Floating tank foundation (home can be built in flood affected areas)
  • Haussmann is preparing to build Design patent for M3 building systems. The Haussmann intellectual property licensor – the 5stargreen building technology trust is the owner of a global manufacturing plant design patent.

  • Substantially reduced building times in comparison to all other competition. We can assemble a home in just 4 – 6 weeks, weather and size of home permitting – the home being an average size of 288 square meters.

Economic Impact

The project will create a large number of new jobs

  • Exceptional employment conditions, 4 day working week, Superannuation doubled, free health and hospital insurance, small bonus share parcel per annum.

  • With the establishment of each plant, we will create 2500 new permanent jobs in Australia.

  • During construction we will create up to 1400 new jobs in Australia for a period of up to 24 months per plant.

  • Indirect employment of up to 25 000 new jobs per plant.

HM3 Building Systems Manufacturing

We process and convert mixed solid waste destined for landfills into precision engineered composite building systems.

  • When assembled as a residential dwelling with our precision engineering technology, the panels click together on site – like a Swiss watch.
  • Affordable Housing and Waste Management are the key issues faced by our modern society.
  • Our Technology strategically tackles these issues to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.
  • Our facility will covert 750,000 tonnes of mixed solid waste into 70,000 288m2 new homes per year.

Information Memorandum

Haussmann believes that every person
has the right to own a home.
Having shelter is a basic human right.
Without shelter we do not prosper.



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