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Manufactured by the Haussmann home manufacturing company:
M3 Precision Engineered Building Systems Pty. Ltd.

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A new standard of sustainable, luxury and affordable homes

Save 50%: Guaranteed Lower Prices

For homes of the size same and quality.

Minimal Low Deposit — Finance Approvals

Manufacturer Vendor Finance approved; contract activation condition to first mortgage approval. Deposit is fully refundable.

No Middleman, No Extra Costs

Buy your home directly from us, the manufacturer, and enjoy cost savings.

Your New Home: A Perfect 288m² Space

Your New Home: A Perfect 288m² Space

Interior:   288m²     |    24m x 12m
Exterior:  540m²     |    30m x 18m

What’s inside

4 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms


Fixtures & Fittings

Home Automation

Security Systems

Heated Flooring

Heating & Cooling

Waste Treatment System

Solar & Hydrogen Powered

Home Automation

4 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms


Fixtures & Fittings

Security Systems

Heated Flooring

Heating & Cooling

Waste Treatment System

Solar & Hydrogen Powered

Additional highlights — See Bill of Quantities and configure your home

Note: This is our standard model 288m² plan. This plan allows you to customise and configure specific items the interior finishes, exterior finishes, appliances, fixtures and fittings (living space design preferences). Due to our innovative M3 Building Systems, you are able to customise, extend or reduce the structure size. Our team members can help you configure and customise your affordable dream home, reach out to customise your new home.

A 288m² Home, fully fitted out, ready to move in!

$350 000

plus transport costs.

  • First Mortgage Deposit $2

    Purchase a home with a low deposit with manufacturer vendor financing. Fully refundable once the home has been assembled.

  • Processing & Legal Fees $7000

    Preparing BA approval legals and client specific designed floor plan, architect designed.

Next Step

Begin by clicking on ‘Purchase A Home’ on our website, initiating the inquiry process and notifying our team.

A Haussmann team member will contact you to qualify your needs and schedule a video call appointment.

Home Specifications

Large, 4 bedrooms, 288 m2 Home, fully fitted out Homes, ready to move in.

Exceptional, sustainable and unsurpassed features no other Developer can offer.


Home Purchase & Assembly Agreement

$7000 deposit fully refundable upon settlement.

Purchaser must quality for first green mortgage, we refer to a mortgage broker.

Supplier: M3 Precision Engineered Building Systems Pty. Ltd.

Vendor purchase of a standard size 288m² home:

  • Home size variations available to finishes, sizes, fixtures and fittings etc to approved Purchaser.

Total Purchase price: $350K + transport costs (maximum $50K for transport costs).

  1. Home Purchase agreement ($300K)
  2. Home Assembly agreement ($50K).
  3. Logistics transport agreement (shipping costs) — maximum shipping cost of $50K.

Prospective home purchasers acquire a Haussmann Home by placing a $7000 deposit (for legal and processing fees) upon signing agreements 1–4.
These contracts are subject to approval for a first mortgage home loan covering the contracted home purchase amount of $350K.


Haussmann Appointed Mortgage Broker(s).

Our designated mortgage brokers process all Haussmann first mortgage applications. Once approved, agreements 1–4 become active and valid.

All M3 Building Systems appliances, fixtures and fittings are shipped/transported to the designated building assembly location. 

DA Vendor nominated building block is purchased by the vendor.

BA approvals are included in the Home Purchase and Assembly agreement.

Home Purchase &
Assembly and Loan Concession Agreement

The Process — How It Works

The Process: How It Works

Sale of Homes
Up to 1000 Homes per month for 36 months

sales are open to the general public, with a limit of one home per family.
Not available to builders and developers.

Ready to purchase a home like no other?

The deposit is fully refundable upon settlement.


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